What to consider when the seas of Punta Cana are rough?

It’s not excepted for the average fisherman to have a picture perfect day when the seas are at rough. Their are many variables when planning your day at sea. There are not many options that match up to the adrenaline when you hook up a white Marlin and you know your about to have the fight of your life. We all crave that feeling, But as fishing enthusiast, There has to be an alternative when seas are at rough, that’s why one should have an open mind to other options, as inshore fishing .

Where you and your family can catch Snappers, Ambar jacks, Bonefish, small groupers and have an experience that’s not going to cause you getting sick and losing hundreds of dollars that were worked hard for. Not only can inshore fishing be an alternative but you can add all options to your day at sea like Snorkeling in the magnificent reefs, Stop at the beautiful sand bars of Punta Cana, and sight see our breath taking Views of are private location of “CapCana” home to many Big name celebrities. So next time you consider a fishing trip make sure, you take account all variables on your day at sea. 

Punta Cana things to do ! 

One of the activities most relaxing and fun to enjoy with your family on your vacation to punta cana is the combination of elements that we offer you an unforgettable together with yours, exclusively private excursion. 

Rich and Famous private charter allows you to enjoy the best areas of punta cana & cap cana combining your trip with snorkel tour and visit  sand bar shallow water area of Juanillo beach . Navigate through the calm beaches of this heavenly part of the island. You can customize your ride at your way, as drinks to take, snacks on board, start times, music and entertainment as also if want a delicious BBQ on board. 

So do not wait and design your private tour in punta cana with your friends and family so that you have an unforgettable experience. 

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Una de las actividades más relajantes y divertida para disfrutar junto a tu familia en tus vacaciones a punta cana es la combinación de elementos que te ofrecemos para una excursión inolvidable junto a los tuyos, exclusivamente privada .

Rich and Famous private charter te permite disfrutar de la mejores áreas de punta cana y cap cana combinando tu paseo con snorkel tour y piscina natural y navegar por las calmadas playas de esta paradisiaca parte de la isla . Puedes personalizar tu paseo a tu manera , como bebidas a tomar , snacks abordo, horas de salida , música y entretenimiento como también si deseas un exquisito BBQ abordo.

Así que no espere y diseña tu tour privado en punta cana  con tus amigos y familiares para que pases una experiencia inolvidable .

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Punta Cana airport ready for US flights with pre checking with no lines at arrivals !!! 

The Punta Cana International Airport is unique in Latin America in being preferred by the Department of national security of the United States, to install the prechecking program to travellers that allows these to register your arrival through digital machines, in order to gain time before submitted to immigration and customs enforcement officials.

El Aeropuerto Internacional de Punta Cana figura como el único de Latinoamérica en ser pre-seleccionado por el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional de los Estados Unidos, para instalar el programa de preinspección a viajeros que permite a estos registrar su llegada a través de máquinas digitales, con la finalidad de ganar tiempo antes de presentarse ante los oficiales de inmigración y aduanas.

Punta Cana winter weather best time to visit us !

The average temperatures in this climate zone fluctuate, with lows in the low 75s Fahrenheit in winter and daytime highs in the mid-to-upper 80s in summer. The best time and weather to travel to Punta Cana it’s winter . 

The Dominican Republic weather is warm and pleasant, no matter the time of the year. The climate in the Dominican Republic is tropical, so the island enjoys temperatures around 28-33 degrees C, (86-90 degrees F) all year round. High humidity levels also characterize this area, but the ever present breeze reduces temperatures and humidity, so the weather in the Dominican Republic is never unbearable. The sun shines for about 12 hours every day, and only in the rainy season there are some chances of seeing it disappear in the clouds during the day.

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