Pescar en Punta Cana en Otoño!

Para los aficionados de la pesca de altura la temporada de otoño es una de las mejores en el área de Punta Cana para los que pescamos a diario en esta área .

Las razón por la que digo esto es basado en la variedad de especies que podemos tener la suerte de poder pescar .

En otoño aún estamos en la temporada pico de Marlins por lo que es una especie que nos puede tirar a nuestras carnada.

En otoño también entran los wahoo o guatapana y son una especie que se caracterizan por su rapidez y lo difícil que es llevarlo hasta el bote, su agresividad e inteligencia al estar peleando lo hacen una presa emocionante e impredecible ya que tienen dientes y se mueven muy rápido y cortan las líneas cuando se siente clavados por el anzuelo del pescador . Es uno de los mejores para comer y por lo general siempre andan en grupo, con un peso promedio de 20 a 45 libras en el área del bajo de Cap Cana a 8 millas de la marina . Estos le gustan comer en hora de la tarde después de las 4 pm o muy temprano en la mañana .

Aunque Punta Cana se caracteriza por tener mahi mahi casi todo el año, en otoño empiezan aparecer de tamaños más grande pudiendo atrapar ejemplares de 40 a 60 libras .

Por último en esta época empiezan a llegar la especie del pez vela o Sailfish , este es para mi uno de los marlins más divertido de pelear en la pesca deportiva .

Otoño es para mi la temporada del año de más sorpresas en la pesca de altura en Punta Cana .

By Anthony Pérez .

Inshore fishing fun for all 

This first week of January 2017 inshore fishing has been very good for all the families who have come out with atlantida puntacana in their excursion of inshore fishing, the sea has been very breezy, but that has not limited to fishing. Inshore the beach and snorkel trips are good because are done in calm and shallow waters. Here I leave some photos of this week ! Enjoy ! 

What to consider when the seas of Punta Cana are rough?

It’s not excepted for the average fisherman to have a picture perfect day when the seas are at rough. Their are many variables when planning your day at sea. There are not many options that match up to the adrenaline when you hook up a white Marlin and you know your about to have the fight of your life. We all crave that feeling, But as fishing enthusiast, There has to be an alternative when seas are at rough, that’s why one should have an open mind to other options, as inshore fishing .

Where you and your family can catch Snappers, Ambar jacks, Bonefish, small groupers and have an experience that’s not going to cause you getting sick and losing hundreds of dollars that were worked hard for. Not only can inshore fishing be an alternative but you can add all options to your day at sea like Snorkeling in the magnificent reefs, Stop at the beautiful sand bars of Punta Cana, and sight see our breath taking Views of are private location of “CapCana” home to many Big name celebrities. So next time you consider a fishing trip make sure, you take account all variables on your day at sea. 

Punta Cana winter weather best time to visit us !

The average temperatures in this climate zone fluctuate, with lows in the low 75s Fahrenheit in winter and daytime highs in the mid-to-upper 80s in summer. The best time and weather to travel to Punta Cana it’s winter . 

The Dominican Republic weather is warm and pleasant, no matter the time of the year. The climate in the Dominican Republic is tropical, so the island enjoys temperatures around 28-33 degrees C, (86-90 degrees F) all year round. High humidity levels also characterize this area, but the ever present breeze reduces temperatures and humidity, so the weather in the Dominican Republic is never unbearable. The sun shines for about 12 hours every day, and only in the rainy season there are some chances of seeing it disappear in the clouds during the day.

If you visit Punta Cana check out for the outdoors excursions at all day weather report available . 

Punta Cana Inshore & Fly Fishing

Inshore fishing in Punta Cana: Inshore fishing is basicaly the “flats” or inside a bay or Reef, where the water is normally more shallow. This is where you can catch Snapper, AmberJacks, Mangroves snapper, Groupers, permit, pompano and more. Normal depths are anywhere from 1 ft. to 21 ft. of our inshore privates charters includes fishing gear and refreshments. We have two types of inshore fishing boats so we can provide good prices to reach the customer’s needs.


Take a fishing rod in your hand, and you can add an extra element to your cruise. Atlántida Punta Cana are always happy to guide you towards fish, and will provide instruction in  spinning techniques. We frequently hookAmberjacks, Snappers, and other small species, which can be great fun to catch and are a delicious addition to the dinner table.

Top of the line Penn and Shimano fishing equipment is provided on board, and a tireless work ethic among the crew makes a ‘can’t miss’ recipe for a wonderful and memorable experience on the water. For more info


Deep sea Fishing Punta Cana

Find the catch of a lifetime with Atlantida Punta Cana Charters. Our fishing charters will create lasting fishing memories with a great day on the waters of Punta Cana.


Deep sea fishing trips are a great way for you and your family or friends to spend a day together that you will never forget. On vacation with your family and not sure what you should do the whole time? Contact us today and we will set you up with a fishing charter that you will never forget.

Our fleet includes everything from center consoles, traditional sportfish, and  fishing yacht’s. Fly fishing, flats fishing, deep sea fishing, , inshore fishing- we offer it all. Every type of fishing adventure available and we have expert guides who are friendly, reliable, and know where to find the fish! For more info